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Clinton ideas skew destructive

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the latest edition of pander-monium, where in an election cycle candidates get further and further into silliness by making promises that either make no sense or are … more

New ideas need new legends

Maybe I’m maudlin, maybe just old-fashioned, but I kind of like my entertainment to be, well, entertaining. Not that books, or movies or even television shows can’t wrap a message into their … more

The latest tilt at insignificance

For the sake of this week’s lesson, we’re going to look at the word absurdity. As in, the reaction of the Department of Justice, and specifically Attorney General Loretta Lynch, to North … more

Underestimation turns bad

Looks like the great and powerful Ozes of politics and punditry completely missed the boat about The Donald. I think it’s outrageously funny. With the announcements last week of Ted Cruz and … more

Target response on target

The backlash from Target’s extremely ill-advised embracing of an all-inclusive restroom policy is equally instructive as it is welcome. Aside from reminding a multimillion dollar corporation … more

Prince, Haggard top in field

If you’re anything like me, music has been an integral part of your life — especially your life’s milestones and moments. It was there for your first kiss, your annual father-daughter dance. … more

Caring about the potty war

I guess I’ll never stop being amazed at the kinds of things that we choose to deem important as a society. The latest foofawraw that’s got everyone’s knickers in a twist is the recent … more

True meaning of life is lost

I didn’t think it was possible for Hillary Clinton and those like her to ever surprise or shock me with their disdain for common decency and humanity. Sadly, I was wrong. Clinton, along with … more

Looking for understanding

It’s becoming more and more problematic for me to countenance the whole liberal agenda, and even more problematic for me to fathom how their reasoning works. Bearing in mind that I think they … more

Vision of the ‘true’ leader

If you ever needed a reminder of just how little regard our ruling class has for us, or our allies, all you have to do is look at the news reports of him salsa dancing with some Argentinian person at … more

Some lessons seem unlearned

So, in the latest of my screeds regarding the phenomenon that is the Donald Trump candidacy, I feel the need to make it clear that while I applaud his efforts, I don’t necessarily think he would … more

Parsing the finest of hairs

As you may have probably guessed, I listen quite a bit to talk radio. Mostly, it’s from the conservative side, people like Mark Levin and Andrew Wilkow. (Not a Rush fan; the show is mostly talk … more

Trump blinding news media

Ever so slowly, the powers that be, and the powers that think they’re the powers that be, are coming to the realization that Trump is not the disease, or even the symptom. He’s the … more

A better approach to issues

Truth be told, I thought the way Chris Rock handled the made-up Oscar issue was pretty clever, acknowledging the problem while at the same time picking at it as the molehill it really is. He did … more

Diversity a traumatic stance

Once more down the rabbit hole, only this time, with our coming generation of, well, wimps. Not all of you, though, but just the college students that attend such vaunted liberal arts colleges … more

Group has hatred both ways

Sorry for being so late chiming in on this. Believe it or not, I actually didn’t watch the Super Bowl halftime show until Thursday, because, well, I couldn’t bring myself to care. However, … more

Still getting bread, circuses

If you ever want to see the results of a society that has become entirely too permissive — read: decadent and immoral — look no further than the current crop of television. I know, I know, … more

Gander of press gets goosed

As a card-carrying member of the news media for the better part of 25 years, it’s become incredibly apparent that my chosen profession has lost its way, much like our congresscritters. We’ve … more

Status quo scared of the Trump

Interesting to see all the infighting, backbiting, wailing and gnashing of teeth in the Republican Party this year. It’s almost like nobody trusts anyone, including our own kind. Which, when you … more

State of the union fairly dismal

One side hailed it as a list of wonderful and unicorn-like accomplishments of a president that followed his vision, fought off the slavering horde of people-hatin’ conservatives and transformed … more
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