Adoption matters


At first glance, Dusty’s scars might compel one to feel sorry for him, but don’t let his healing wounds mislead you. He is living a dog’s life fit for a king. In the beginning of January this year, Dusty, a full-blooded Shetland Sheep Dog, was accidently hit by a car in town. The driver, seeing he was badly injured, took him to Easterly Vet Clinic to be treated.  The clinic assessed Dusty and notified Ellie Haynes, Madisonville Animal Control Officer.  The dog was held at the clinic for the mandatory three-day waiting period (per city policy) and his owners did not come forth to claim him. It was then determined that Dusty’s leg was completely shattered and would need to be amputated.  He would need a loving foster home to recuperate and recover until he was healed.  Enter Breanna McCormick, MPD Administrative Assistant, was more than willing to provide that home for Dusty.

Just a few days into his stay, McCormick realized “there was something very special about this dog” and on Jan. 13, she officially adopted Dusty to make her home his forever home.  Not only did Dusty find a new home filled with love and other animal friends, he got a new job too. He now gets to spend his days bringing joy to our MPD officers as the official “Office Dog”.  Chief Gilbert says, “He has got to be the sweetest dog ever.” And admittedly, I too, was touched by his sweet demeanor and loving face when I met him at the station. This is just one example of the positive impact that animal adoption can provide.

Keeping up with stray animals in Madisonville is a difficult job and Ellie Haynes serves the city as the only Animal Control Officer. Haynes has a very difficult job and she is constantly kept busy with the abundant stray population of the area. It is the goal of the city to protect and place the animals that come under their care into loving homes that will last forever and Rufus Refuge is a great adoption partner of the city. They provide critical assistance in caring for and placing unclaimed pet friends. 

For more information on how you can adopt a new pet member to your family contact Madisonville Animal Control at (936) 348-3317 or visit the Rufus Refuge on Facebook. The city and Rufus Refuge gladly accept donations of food or supplies and Rufus Rescue puts 100% of cash donations toward care and placement of animals.