America deserves a better way


Elections shouldn’t be merely a contest of personalities. They ought to be a contest of ideas.

In November, voters have the opportunity to ask “which political party, which candidates have the best ideas to get America back on track?” Should we stay the course with this second-rate economy, cratering ObamaCare, and vulnerability here at home to terrorism and rising crime?  Or is it time for a change? 

After holding 36 town hall meetings, roundtables and forums over the past few months, the message I get is clear: voters are tired of personality politics but hungry for bold, positive ideas that fearlessly tackle the biggest challenges facing America. 

These challenges include national and border security, fixing Washington’s broken tax code, saving important programs like Medicare for the long term, replacing the Affordable Care Act with health care focused on patients rather than Washington, and reforming welfare to get able Americans back to work with the dignity they deserve. 

Our nation’s challenges also include restoring the checks and balances of the Constitution, and growing our local economy rather than Washington’s economy.

The good news is – there’s a Better Way. 

* * *

The Better Way Agenda was created earlier this year by House Republicans to identify detailed, credible solutions to the big problems facing America. It’s our vision for a confident America. We are running for Congress on these solutions, and if voters return House Republicans to the majority we’ll enact these solutions. 

As chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee I have the privilege of helping lead three of the Better Way solutions: tax reform, health care and welfare reform. 

The feedback I get in my town hall meetings is that people are thrilled there are real, credible solutions to what’s ailing America. 

They tell me everything they see in the national campaigns and media is nasty, negative and shallow. They had almost given up hope that these problems could be solved – or that anyone in Congress had done the hard work to develop these common-sense, bold ideas for the American public. 

They especially like the Better Way proposal to rip up the tax code and replace it with a tax code “built for growth” with lower taxes on local businesses and families, a code so simple and fair most Americans can file on a postcard and that busts up the IRS to put them to work for taxpayers.  

Looking at the disheartening political climate today, everyone agrees that America is better than this. There truly are positive ideas to make our future bright again and positive people to get them done. I invite you to review these solutions at Better.GOP and let me know what you think. 

* * *

Here’s something else positive. Which state is #1 in international trade? It’s Texas, of course, by a long shot. 

No state in America ships or sells more around the world than we do. We’ve held the top spot for a dozen years in a row. And we’re far ahead of second place California. 

That translates into 3 million jobs held by Texans, with 60,000 trade jobs in the 8th Congressional District alone. These jobs on average pay more than others and are more likely to last through tough economic times. 

Texas is made for trade.                   

U.S. Congressman Kevin Brady chairs the House Ways and Means Committee.