Annual coon hunt begins


Locals from all around the county are gathering this week to celebrate the 24th Annual Lone Star 5000 as well as the 17th Annual Jewett Classic, coon hunting events that bring competitors together for a fun week of safe coon chasing.

An estimated 300 hunters and 1,500 dogs will compete for the most coons located on each night of the two events. The Jewett Classic began on Tuesday and is set to last two nights while the Lone Star 5000 is scheduled for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Prize money will be awarded to the groups that record the highest scores. Contestants will be broken down into casts with four dogs to each group. The first four dogs to locate a coon will be awarded points (100 points for the dog that barks first, 75 for second, 50 for third and 25 for the fourth). Judges will be assigned to each cast to keep an officials score. The top four casts will compete against each other for the money.

The events will be all about the chase and no coons will ultimately be harmed during the chase. There will also be no alcohol or drugs allowed on the grounds during the events.

The events will also offer opportunities for local organizations. During the Jewett Classic, the All Around Cowboy Church will be in charge of the kitchen services. For the Lone Star 5000 in Iola, meals will be provided by the Iola FFA Booster Club.