Annual coon hunts conclude


Locals from all around the county gathered earlier this month for the 24th Annual Lone Star 5000 as well as the 17th Annual Jewett Classic, coon hunting events that bring competitors together for a week of safe coon chasing with their dogs.

The events were about the chase and no coons were ultimately harmed during the events.

The first pup derby, which had 19 entries, was won by the team of Pea’s Precious Angel led by team members Watson and Wilkerson. Second place was River Bottoms Flip Flop with Eligio Blanco. Third was Wipeout Secret Weapon and members Freilberger, Burns and Brookshire. Fourth place went to Backwater Devil Anse with Clayton Sauceda and Steve Yant.

In another open event with 58 entries, Team “Echo” with Duane Scott took first prize. Second and third place was a tie between Trader’s Wreck It and Stylish Homer led by Brenden Toney. Fourth place went to Moss Hill Smoke Ring and team members Collins and Manning.

The next pup derby featured 20 entries and was ultimately won by the team Shot of Adrenaline with Lynn McCormick and John Robinson. The second prize went to Good Luck Chuck with Dustin Lott while third place was also won by Wipeout Secret Weapon. The fourth prize went to Delta-Dawn with team members Eubanks and Manning.

Friday night in Iola saw a total of 85 hound and handlers competing for the biggest prize money of the event. Miller’s Stylish Head Wacker took the top spot with Gary Miller and Josh Campbell. Next was Moss Hill Smoke Ring then Zeb III Smackdown with Doug Williams and Preston Boles. Stylish Homer took fourth.

Saturday night’s final event of the week saw River Bottoms Baby Dee with Randall Powell and Allen Smith take top prize. Shot of Adrenaline was second and Ebony River’s Redwater Jazz with Guy Manning Sr. took third. Fourth was Mafia’s Widow Maker with J.R. Wall and Rick Lynch.

The winners of the Youth Hunt were Joe Manning Jr., Laret Manning, Justin Oliver and Mallori Oliver.

The events lasted one week and offered opportunities for local organizations. During the Jewett Classic, the All Around Cowboy Church was be in charge of the kitchen services. For the Lone Star 5000 in Iola, meals were provided by the Iola FFA Booster Club.