Area comes through rough week


Well, we made it. I as write this it is Friday, we made it through the week — and what a week it has been: a hurricane, a City Council meeting, and the first day of school.

Now everybody can take a deep breath because the weekend is upon us and it is a three-day with sunshine.

Here in Midway, we were blessed through the storm not to have any flooding here in town or any major damage. I tried checking on some of our folks who have places here and in and around Houston; I wasn’t able to get in touch with everyone but I left messages when and where I could.

The one family I was able to talk to made it out of Port Arthur Thursday before the storm hit, so they are safely here in Midway. They have found out that there was flooding in their home, but we are so glad that Norma and Robert Goffney are safe here.

Please continue to pray for all of the people who have lost everything and for all of those who are responding to the needs.

•Monday night was the monthly City Council meeting and some changes are coming to Midway. The City Council approved a resolution authorizing Mayor Tony Leago to enter into interlocal agreements with the City of Madisonville for law enforcement/code enforcement and Municipal Court.

This means that before long Midway will have a police officer to enforce our ordinances and maybe slow down some of the speeding in town. The council also passed an ordinance banning alcohol and alcoholic beverages on city property.

Betty and Joe Williamson attended the meeting and have said that they will be coming to more council meetings. Council meetings are open to the public and everyone is welcome.

•I think everyone is happy that school is back in session, kids and parents alike. I know some of the kids in Midway have asked about the after school tutoring this year, so parents if you and your children are interested please call City Hall and sign them up. The first tutoring session will be Tuesday, Sept. 19. The number to call is (936) 348-6800.

We will keep you updated on progress with the Family Dollar Store, the police officer and other changes coming to Midway. Until then, stay safe and be kind to one another.

Debra Newkirk is the city clerk for Midway.