Back to the written word


It’s been said that history repeats itself. How many of us have seen the fashions from past decades reincarnated in designs worn by our children or grandchildren? Or the classic automobile designs return in new models?

It’s much the same with our local newspaper. Some of you may remember the newspaper articles I have shared over the years. I’ve been asked to begin sharing with you again. My hope in writing this column is that I can help you be better prepared for whatever type of situation you are faced with. It’s my thought that if we are successful in handling the small emergencies, we are more confident in handling the larger or more difficult ones.

So, I’ll begin with a little information on who I am and what I do. I’m a Louisiana native who has now lived longer in Madisonville than I did in Louisiana. I know that doesn’t make me a full-fledged Texan, but Louisiana no longer claims me either. I grew up in a family who believed in helping others, sharing our gifts and talents, and a dad who served on the local volunteer fire department. I moved to Texas with a wonderful husband who spent the better part of his life also serving as a volunteer firefighter — right here in Madisonville. Our children grew up in this wonderful county and now we have grandchildren in both school districts here. I’ve spent more than 35 years serving Madison County in one capacity or another in emergency response, emergency management, 911 addressing, land development, and local government. I’m from the government and I’m here to help you — really I am.

Enough about me, though. In the coming months, I hope to bring you information you can use. I’ll be talking about the importance of planning and preparing for events and incidents. I’ll touch on weather issues, personal safety, driving tips, developing land, requesting a 911 address, calling 911, and a myriad of other topics.

I’m excited to be back with the Meteor, and I hope that something I share will help you in your life. Stay tuned, and Be Safe Out There.

Shelly Butts is Emergency Management Coordinator for Madison County.