Bedias civic club meets tomorrow


The Bedias Civic Club meets Thursday, March 1, at 6 p.m., at the Bedias Civic Center. Start the New Year on the right foot and join us for a community potluck and an interesting program. All area residents are encouraged and invited to participate in all civic club activities. Call Janet Green at (936) 395-1010 for information.

•Steve Woodall asks us to share that the Bedias Cemetery Association will hold its annual Homecoming and Business Meeting Saturday, March 3, at 10 a.m., at the Bedias Civic Center. Please bring your favorite finger food and plan to join us after the meeting for lunch and to help with a general cleanup and general maintenance of the Baptist and Methodist cemeteries afterward. Please call Steve, at (979) 248-4439, for more information on how you can help support the Bedias Cemetery Association.

•We had a 45-minute conversation with Mike Pederson ( Tuesday, Feb. 20, regarding Darrell Hall roadway issues. Mr. Pederson is not promising to fix our roads directly by the county (if he should be elected as Grimes County Judge), but he is promising to listen to our concerns and help work toward a solution with the cooperation of DH, the property owners and the county in a partnership/coordinated effort. Mr. Pederson was careful not to make promises that he could not keep, but he was also careful to say he would listen and help move towards a solution, and not to shut us out or turn a deaf ear towards our pleas for help. Please go to his FB page to share your concerns and to get more direct feedback.

•We have not heard from any other candidates for County Judge, or Commissioners Court, stating their position or willingness to address our DH roadway issues. If we do receive additional responses, we will share them in this space and with our Facebook page followers.

•Stephanie Buzynski asks us to share that the Grimes County Fair Association will be holding a public workshop to address facility rental and maintenance fees paid to the County concerning the annual Youth Fair. The meeting will be at the Faigrounds Tuesday, March 20, at 6 p.m. Everyone is encouraged to come and share their ideas.

The current contract with the fair association is expiring and the previous contract was set 15 years ago. As we prepare a new contract to present to Commissioner’s Court we are asking for community involvement from current/previous parents and exhibitors as well as concerned tax payers for their input on what would be a reasonable offer to the county as payment for use of the facility for the week of the youth fair.

Youth across Grimes County benefit and participate in the fair and businesses benefit from the extra people in town eating, buying gas, etc., and many people don’t realize how much the fair must pay to use the facilities that week, most think we are there for free.

•We are just trying to get an honest/fair proposal together for what we feel we should pay the county to use the facilities for that week, if you have questions my number is (936) 661-5557.

•Thank you to everyone who has joined us for our Second Sunday afternoon film showings at the Rev. Henry Sanders’ church, Faith Outreach Christian Center, in Navasota. Everyone is invited and encouraged to join us for each of our wonderful Christian movie nights in our new home. You can find more information about Faith Outreach on their webpage,

Our next film, “Nail 32,” will be offered on Sunday, March 11, at 5 p.m. Please go to our Facebook page,, or, for more information on our programs.

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•Happy birthday to Amanda Scheeler, Jerry Cole, Gena Hinds, Glen Harmon, Sharon Allen, Richard Allemore, Catalyia Loveday, Faith Burditt, Rachel Moreno Lena Landry and Dannie Silcox.

Happy anniversary to Betty and Glen Harmon and Trent and Karyn Upchurch.

Congratulations to everyone else celebrating personal and family occasions. Drop us a note if you want to add someone to our birthday, anniversary or concerns list.

•Please take care when driving near schools and road construction and repair areas, as our weather changes. Please uphold our brave law enforcement officers, volunteer firefighters and other first responders, also, please remember the Lambert family on Bill’s recent passing, Richard Taylor, Nicki Thomson, Lew Gears, J.D. Mallard, George Newton, Aidan Fedor and Betty Darby in your hearts and prayers.

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