Bedias Civic Club meets tomorrow


Tomorrow, Thursday, Sept. 1, the Bedias Civic Club meets at the Bedias Civic Center, at 6 p.m. All area residents are invited and encouraged to attend and to participate in all civic club activities.

Next Monday is Labor Day, do you have someone you need to thank and show some overdue appreciation? That grocery clerk who always greets you with a warm smile? The cashier at the gas station or Walmart, who remembers your name? The friendly clerk at the dry cleaners who gathers your items together when they see you drive into the parking lot or the waitress who knows just how you like your food prepaired? In a small town, people do know your name and your habits; make a habit of knowing theirs as well and do remember to thank them for the extra effort.

Miller’s Theatre offers great movies every weekend. Go to for the latest program information and updates.

2-Z Farm & Home shares that the Bedias Farmer’s Market will take a hiatus for the rest of the season, but they hope to bring it back when cooler weather returns.

We are looking forward to the Bedias Civic Club Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser, Sunday, Sept. 11, at the Bedias Civic Center. Please join us in supporting civic club activities and programs for the coming year.

You may not think so, but Saturday, Oct. 15, is just around the corner. Karyn Upchurch, 979-334-8429, asks us to share that the Bedias Volunteer Fire Department Annual Fish Fry and Auction needs donations of auction items. The annual fish fry is one of the biggest events of the year in Bedias and takes lots of planning and preparation. Call Karyn to learn how you can help in supporting our brave volunteer firefighters.

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Happy birthday to Christy Cutrone, Joanne Gears, April Ogg, Carman Ogg , Wanda Blystone, Dianna Malone, Connie Brown, Cara Ogg, Amber Want, Edna Keasling and Jon-Alan Silcox. Happy anniversary to Thomas and Hellene Self, Pat and JD Mallard and Zachary and Sarah Cox. Congratulations to everyone else celebrating personal and family occasions. Drop us a note if you want to add someone to our birthday, anniversary or concerns list.

Please take care when driving near schools and in road construction and repair areas. Please uphold our brave law enforcement officers, volunteer fire fighters and other first responders, also, please remember Raby Wallen, Aidan Fedor and Betty Darby in your hearts and prayers.                                                         

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