Boy, bye!


It wasn’t until this very moment that I realized just how strong my dislike for Kevin Durant is. How did I come to this conclusion, you ask? Knowing I’m a sports junkie my coworker handed me a magazine she received in the mail. She figured because there was an athlete on the cover I would enjoy it more than she would, and she was correct, but after I looked at the cover of the magazine and realized that the player she was referring to was none other than Kevin Durant – I chucked the magazine into the trash. It’s not that I hate Kevin Durant; I actually love him (and by him I’m referring to his game) I just hate the decision he made to leave Oklahoma City and join the Golden State Warriors.

I thought as time passed I would get over “the decision” and hopefully by the season opener last week I would actually be able to hear his name and not roll my eyes but that didn’t happen; as soon as the public address announcer said his name I turned the channel. Everything in me wants to understand his decision to leave Oklahoma City, but it’s obvious that I’m not at the point yet where I can look at him in a Warriors jersey without my stomach turning.

I want to be clear I don’t have a problem with KD leaving, but I do have a problem with who he left to join. This is a team that literally stopped you from getting to the NBA Finals just couple months ago. What goes through your mind to join them, instead of finishing what you started and knocking them off? You didn’t see Kobe join the Celtics, or Jordan join the “Bad Boy” Pistons, or LeBron join the Celtics, Magic or Pistons when they stopped him from getting to a Finals. No, he took a risk, and he joined Miami to take down those very same Celtics that caused him pain year after year. They didn’t do it, why did you? If you can’t beat them, join them … right? Wrong. Even if you do win multiple championships with this team, I’m not sure how much weight it holds. I’m not sure this move helps your career like you anticipated it would.

Remember how much it hurt when you were younger and you got in trouble and your mom or dad would say, “I’m not mad at you. I’m disappointed!” Well, Durant.. I’m disappointed.

Megan Huston is the sports editor for The Meteor. She can be reached at (936) 348-3505 or