Brady reviews Ways and Means


Just slightly more than a week after the U.S. presidential election, Republican Congressman Kevin Brady – who represents Madison County and chairs the powerful Ways and Means Committee – spoke with The Meteor about his past year in office and plans for the future.

Brady, 61, said he was thrilled by the outcome of the election, in which Republican Donald Trump was elected to the Oval Office.

“Clearly America wants change,” Brady said. “One of Mr. Trump’s top priorities is to get this country moving and replace Obamacare and initiate tax reform. We’ve been in constant contact with the Trump transition team.”

Brady has been in office 1997 and was recently elected to his 11th term.

“I’m really blessed,” he said.

The congressman said he’s had an “incredible” first year as chairman of Ways and Means, during which time they cut taxes by more than $600 billion. He’s only the third Texan in 200-plus years to lead the committee, following Roger Q. Mills and Bill Archer.

The committee is considered the most powerful because of its sway with issues such as tax reform and health care. Brady was elected by his peers to chair Ways and Means.

In just a year’s time, they have cut taxes on local businesses by nearly half and created a mechanism by which 95 percent of Americans can file taxes using a postcard system. Brady said he also plans to “bust up the IRS.”

The recent presidential election has a significant positive impact for local residents, the congressman added.

“It means a much stronger economy, a simpler tax code,” Brady said. “It means health care choices tailored to what Madison County residents need, not what Washington needs. There’s a big difference.”