Brady visits Madisonville with a mission


Kevin Brady, U.S. Congressman and the House Ways and Means Committee Chairman visited Madisonville on Wednesday, April 19, 2017 to lay out his plan for a better way to tax reform. 

Congressman Brady outlined a three-point plan with attendees stating that the current tax system is too costly, too complex and simply unfair.  The current tax code has tripled in size since President Ronald Reagan’s reform and now includes around seventy thousand pages. 

“That’s ten times the size of the Bible, minus the good news,” said Brady.  “The opportunity for tax reform comes once in a generation and the time is now.”

The committee’s plan is based on three major reforms; reform the tax code (increasing jobs and wages), creating a fairer tax system, and breaking up the IRS creating a fair and simple tax assessor. 

Brady plans to work together with the current administration to “overhaul the American tax system and ensure middle-class families and job creators are better positioned for the 21st century economy.”

Feedback can be given and the complete blueprint to this plan can be found online at