Bulldogs conclude regular season


SNOOK — The Bulldogs’ basketball team had tough week with two road losses to Snook and Normangee.

The Bulldogs have already clinched a playoff spot, but the losses will hurt their postseason position.

The Snook Blue Jays hosted the Bulldogs on Tuesday and gave them a 15-point loss, 58-43. North Zulch trailed for the whole game, but the Bulldogs continued to fight with 18 points in the fourth quarter before they ultimately fell short. The Blue Jays are undefeated in District play this season.

Gerhart Wiese rallied in the fourth quarter with 13 points. Wiese was North Zulch’s leading scorer with 25 points on the night.

The Bulldogs’ second game of the week was against their rival a few miles north on Highway 39, the Normangee Panthers. The Panthers were too much for the Bulldogs and handed North Zulch a 24-point loss.

“I thought we came out flat and never had any energy vs. Normangee,” said North Zulch head basketball coach David Graves. “They hit a lot of threes early and I think we never bounced back from that, because the lack of energy we had on defense and breaking the press.”

The Normangee Panthers have won six out of 10 district games this season, and The North Zulch Bulldogs have a split record at 4-4.

The Bulldogs concluded their regular season against Iola before the playoffs start next week.


The North Zulch Lady Bulldogs basketball team’s season came to an end on Friday with a playoff loss to Iola.

North Zulch and Iola were tied in District, so they had a play-in game to see which team would officially qualify for the postseason.

“The girls played a great game, but just missed shots down the stretch. There is a rivalry with Iola. Both teams always play their best. We played a good game, just fell short.” Said the Lady Bulldogs’ Head Coach Kimberly Branch.

Both teams’ mascot is the bulldog, and the game was a dogfight all night. North Zulch lost by 2 points on the road at Iola. The North Zulch girls displayed a solid performance, but they could not generate another lead change at the end of the game.

The Lady Bulldogs had another road game earlier in the week against the Snook Blue Jays, and North Zulch suffered a 27-point loss. Snook is the top school in the district with an undefeated District record.

Even with the loss to Snook, North Zulch was able to keep their tie with Iola because they lost that night to Somerville.

The Lady Bulldogs had an up and down season, but most of the athletes on the team are underclassmen. They will be returning next season with the knowledge and experience from this year. 

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