Business offers sweet service


Snow cones make people happy – and that’s precisely the reason Lacy Kelso and her family took over a local stand last summer.

Although the snow cone shop has been around each summer for more than a decade, Kelso renamed and rebranded it as “The Sugar Shack,” and is serving up tasty treats in the Wal-Mart parking lot daily from noon to 8 p.m.

The Madisonville CISD pre-school teacher said it’s a perfect summer job for her and her children Madeline, 13, and Lane, 12. A local teen, Logan, works part-time.

“It’s a family deal,” Kelso said. “It’s good for our family. The kids are learning responsibility and how to run a business.”

They make their own ice on site and test the syrup flavors in order to provide the best recommendations to their frequent regular customers.

“You have to learn the flavors,” Kelso said. “I’m trying to learn the difference between Tutti Frutti and Bahama Mama.”

They offer 48 flavors and sugar free options. A small serving is a little less than 200 calories. Kelso said the favorite flavor among men is Tiger’s Blood, while women prefer Wedding Cake. The business owners plan to offer discontinued flavors throughout the summer for 50 cents.

Kelso said she sees the business as more of an opportunity to serve the community than to make a profit.

“We want it to honor the Lord,” she said. “We want to minister to people.”

The business owners hope to be mobile by next summer and do birthday parties and events. They served up treats at Monday’s Fourth of July bash at Lake Madison.

“We’ll be adding ice cream and fresh fruit cups,” Kelso said.

The Sugar Shack will remain open until school starts in August, but Kelso said she expects to have a new identity when she returns to her classroom.

“I’m hardly known as Mrs. Kelso anymore,” she said. “I’m the snow cone lady.”