Caring about the potty war


I guess I’ll never stop being amazed at the kinds of things that we choose to deem important as a society.

The latest foofawraw that’s got everyone’s knickers in a twist is the recent passage of a law in North Carolina that tells those people needing to use a public restroom must use the one which matches the gender listed on your birth certificate.

A similar law has been passed in Mississippi, and lawmakers in numerous other states are considering laws as well. Many other states have passed laws that bar penalties against those who decline to provide certain services to members of the LBGT community.

Of course, social media, national media and most other media wail and gnash their metaphorical teeth over the blatant discrimination N.C. lawmakers have shown toward transgendered “people.” Right away, of course, the argument was laser-focused on the plight of the alleged victims of the law — people who identify as a certain gender.

What’s ignored here is the reasons that lawmakers in the Tar Heel State passed the law, and that is protection of people being victimized by sexual predators.

Even more puzzling to me is how one day I can declare myself a woman, and the next demand that the whole of society cater to my confusion. (I won’t apologize for use of the word confusion. Simply put, gender is a matter of genetics, and like the old saying goes: “Genetics. You can run, but you can’t hide.”)

The city of Houston made headlines last year for passing a law eliminating gender-based bathrooms, and was touted as a shining example of catering to transgender rights. (Oddly enough, since there was a question regarding the validity of petition signatures, the measure was put on the 2015 ballot, and was voted down by Houston residents 2-to-1.)

These so-called rights have their supporters, too, who rallied to the cry of diminishing rainbow colors to punish — yes, punish — the state for trying to protect its residents.

Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Ringo Starr and other notables and big shots all canceled appearances in the state to protest what they feel is bigoted legislation.

Even several businesses, such as PayPal and Deutsche Bank, have reversed expansion plans because of this, of course calling the law discriminatory.

This is spectacle of the most amazing kind, and to my mind, entirely unnecessary. If you’re a genetic male, you’re a male. No amount of surgery or hand-wringing or shouting to the heavens is going to change that fact. And just because you decide — you, and not your friends, or family, or community, or even the medical profession — that you are now the other sex, doesn’t grant you specific, new sets of rights, regardless of what the courts say.

If a subset of society grants itself certain rights simply by claiming it exists, then the whole of written law is nothing more that meaningless words — even more so when the granting of rights manifestly puts larger segments of the population at risk. Forcing the government to comply with your wishes is nothing more that finding the biggest kid on the block to fight your battles for you.

Frankly, if things continue down the road they’re going, there’s no way the government can be involved, since there will be so many different classes of citizens that it will be impossible not to disenfranchise one group for another’s needs.

Which brings us back to ridiculous spectacle that this has become. Our society has become enamored of such things, when there’s really more pressing problems that need attention.

It’s also a ridiculous thing that government has to concern itself with matters like this. Government doesn’t belong in my bedroom or my doctor’s office, and it for sure doesn’t belong in my bathroom.

There’s really no good reason for potty politics.