Celebrating freedom in diversity


The RF Riders of Midway and the NAACP, Madisonville chapter, co-hosted an exciting event last weekend at the Kimbro Center honoring educators of the past and present.  The event showcased educational history awareness and highlighted the gift of education that local teachers give students.

The social hour provided an opportunity to visit the informational booths that were set up around the room.  Each booth contained rich moments of educators in our local history. 

Madisonville Mayor, Bill Parten opened the ceremony with an inspirational welcome, encouraging attendees to let their light shine.  Shiloh Baptist Church’s Praise Dancers along with Courde and CJ, and Zydeco Steppers provided entertainment during the program. 

Vision keynote speaker, Linda Sueing Jackson, shared of black men and women whom made their mark on history throughout every facet of life.  Ashley Nealey, Youth keynote speaker, spoke on the necessity of “each one, help teach one.”

The NAACP awarded a First Place ($1,000.00) Essay Contest Scholarship to Tra’dayja Smith.  The RF Riders presented the Second Place ($500.00) Scholarship to Jakayla Merchant.  A $150.00 gift certificate was awarded to 5th grader, Gracie Howeth for her winning essay.

To close out the memorable event, Prince Fite, retired educator, was presented a certificate for 50 years of service in education and Jim Fraley with a certificate for outstanding community service in Midway, Texas.

It is the hope of the RF Riders and NAACP that through honoring the teachers of the past, each person would accept their present responsibility to continue the tradition of excellence in education.