Certain views depict depth of feeling


How do you look at Mondays?

Worldly or Godly?

A worldly person dreads the start of another boring week in a boring job with all crazy people around them. A rut with no joy or peace. Looking forward only to the next weekend, which passes so quickly to bring us back to Monday.

Get the picture?

Christians have a choice and do not even realize it. They just go to work and fall in rut with everyone else. Really?

I guess the words you were saying after church were just words. Words like: I wish the world could see Jesus. Why isn't the world concerned? I hope God speaks to them. God I hope you use something or someone to get their attention.

Mondays should be great days for Christians to insert joy, peace and hope into a gloomy world.

You were given the job to be the light of the world. So, if the world around you is dark, shine. You are to be salt of world to make them thirsty for Christ. Give them drink.

Do you believe?

Act like it.

Monday is coming.

It is another Monday of opportunity.

Jerry Huff is associate pastor of Cornerstone Bible Church.