City adjusts sewer, water fees


The Madisonville City Council approved changes to the city’s fee structure for certain water and sewer services.

An ordinance passed on Oct. 10 fees to tap for water services $300 for each line size, both for inside and outside of the city limits.

Additionally, fees for renting the lake house at Lake Madison, as well as some rental fees for use of the Kimbro Center, have been raised as well.

City Manager Camilla Viator said the chang was necessary since the deposits that were charged for renting some facilities were not covering the damage that was done. Also, there were some water and sewer taps cost more than what was charged.

Council Member Russell Bailey said he doesn’t recall ever changing the fee structure, and he has been on the council six years.

New tap fees for water lines include:

Inside city limits

•3/4 inch tap, $1,000

•1 inch tap, $1,100

•1 ½ inch tap, $1,200

•2 inch tap, $1,300

Outside city limits

•3/4 inch tap, $1,500

•1 inch tap, $1,700

•1 ½ inch tap, $1,800

•2 inch tap, $2,000

•4 inch tap, $3,000

Sewer taps for 4-inch lines are now $850.

Deposit and rental fees for the Lake house have risen to $100 and $125, respectively. Deposit for the Kimbro Center rises from $50 to $200, and for the Kimbro small room, rises from $50 to $100.

The ordinance also provides for an increase in zoning fees, rising from $400 to $550 per application.

While motion was passed unanimously, two council members — Jerry Harper and Chris McGilbra, were absent from the vote.

In other business, the city:

•approved a resolution requesting financial assistance from the Texas Water Development Board for work to be done on Lift Station 8;

•entered into executive session to discuss paying medical bills for a city employee, and later came out of session to approve the measure; and

•heard a presentation from the Madisonville Schools FFA Ag Issues Team.