City alters zoning regulations


The Madisonville City Council designated the area on the east side of Martin Luther King Street to Evans Street as a Manufactured Home District, a designation it created on Monday at its regular meeting.

Council members approved an ordinance that will allow manufactured homes to be placed on individual lots, while allowing temporary housing of similar nature to be used during construction of a new home, with the limitation of only being used for one year.

Council Member Lois Brown abstained from the vote on the change to the zoning map.

City Manager Camilla Viator said the only real changes to the city’s existing ordinance is language was removed regarding temporary housing.

“The main thing was that the new ordinance allows manufactured homes in that area now, but they had to be on individual lots, mainly to keep the area from becoming a mobile home park,” she said.

Viator said there was no objection from area residents regarding the change.

The council also discussed erosion around the boat ramp at Lake Madison, which has been caused by flooding events over the past few years.

A flood in May 2016, and rains at the end of August due to Hurricane Harvey, have silted over the inlet stream, causing the water to erode land in the areas around it.

The erosion is beginning to threaten trees planted in the area.

The council directed city staff to seek out experts from the Bedias Soil and Water Conservation District and Texas A&M for information and plans to combat the erosion.

In other business, the council:

•re-approved the city’s participation the Atmos Cities Steering Committee;

•nominated Joel Hardy to the Madison County Appraisal District Board of Directors; and

•re-approved the city’s investment policy.