City to charge for water, electricity use


The Madisonville City Council on Monday approved a plan to begin charging for electricity and water use at city parks.

City Manager Camilla Viator said residents rent the facilities at Lake Madison Park and bring out water slides and inflatables. These items run sometimes all day, and the city pays that bill.

“We need to charge something for people to use the city water and electricity,” she said. “It would make them be a little more accountable for what’s being used.”

The original suggestion was to charge a fee of $50 for electrical use and $100 for water and electricity; however, council members felt that was too high a price.

“I think that’s steep,” Council Member Chris McGilbra said. “My water bill is $60 a month.”

Viator then suggested charges of $25 and $50, which council members agreed was more ac-ceptable.

In other business, the city:

•approved the application for a Community Development Block Grant Disaster Relief Grant of $2 million;

•approved a negotiated settlement between Atmos Cities Steering Committee and the energy corporation on rates;

•elected Jose Sanchez as a nominee for the Texas Municipal League risk pool board of trustees member;

•elected several nominees for the TML employee benefits pool members;

•approved an agreement with Madison County for fire protection in the county;

•approved the city’s investment policy; and

•awarded a bank depository contract for city funds to Prosperity Bank.