Clinton ideas skew destructive


Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the latest edition of pander-monium, where in an election cycle candidates get further and further into silliness by making promises that either make no sense or are geared directly to pander to a specific voting bloc.

While the majority of people have come to expect it, this year seems — at least I hope so — to be a little different, in that the electorate is starting to wake up and flex its not-unformidable muscles.

But on of the first steps currently planned by presumptive Democratic anointee Hillary Clinton for her first 100 days in office takes the cray-cray cakes.

Essentially, she’s thrown the doors open, and intends to dissolve the borders.

And that, my friends, reeks of desperation. But more importantly, that will create the diversity nirvana sought by all liberals, and benefit the Democratic Party by creating homemade voters.

She also plans to provide Obamacare for all illegal aliens, full-blown amnesty for all, end deportations, close all detention centers, expand refugee resettlement and increase executive amnesty. She plans to dedicate a boatload of federal resources to provide full paths to citizenship for any and all comers.

You remember that “it takes a village” thing she came up with? Yeah, she’s expanded it to cover everyone on the planet.

But the end result of this is chilling, if you play it out to its logical end.

To me, it means the end of the United States of America, and the creation of the Hodgepodge Monarchy of Clinton. It means that the laws we pretend to cherish have been replaced by expedient edict from the Mother of North America.

It means that whoever wants to be is a citizen, and there will be no strictures, laws, ordinances or moral compass that will compel these new Americans to blend with our society. It will further divide and fracture our country, because our nation doesn’t require of its new citizens to forsake other countries.

It means that the millions of immigrants who have come to this country, who have made lives and history and adopted the laws and customs of this country have been played for fools, have had their efforts and beliefs thrown in their faces by a woman who simply wants to be in charge.

To say nothing of the problem that remains shadowed in the background, that of paying for all of Clinton’s philanthropy. There’s no money. Not a dime. And threatening taxes or whatever isn’t going to raise the funds for the idiocy.

Like I said before, I don’t think that the electorate is going to allow this to happen. I think that for one person to decide to give away everything this country has is exactly why there’s a rebellion going on.

I don’t think Hillary has gotten that message. So it’s up to us to make sure she hears it loud and clear.