Country coming full circle


Let’s all take a moment and show our complete and utter surprise at the developments out of the FBI and Department of Justice regarding the investigation into Hillary Clinton.

Yes; I can see each and every one of you are sufficiently gobsmacked at the fact that the FBI, while commenting on the carelessness and foolishness of her actions, said that Clinton really didn’t intend to be stupid and reckless, and thereby gets a pass.

Further, the DOJ accepted this recommendation and closed the books on a chapter of the most inept, unqualified person ever to occupy the position of Secretary of State (although a case could be made that her successor, John Kerry of Swiftboat fame, has spent more time lobbying for global government than for the country he represents, and thereby stinks on ice as well).

Even with all the examples of similar actions leading to dire consequences, as in the case of Gen. David Petraeus, Clinton, because she is part of the ruling oligarchy that now exists in this country — a Party apparatchik, as it were — we’re all advised to move along, because there’s nothing to see here.

While my feeling is that this was a collective moment where everyone took a breath and asked, “What just happened?”, there weren’t enough people to make a difference. And if you look, particularly at the media that trumpet Clinton as a coming saviour, she still — STILL — has people who defend her as vehemently as ever.

Right now, I don’t believe there are enough people who have overcome the effects of the Kool-Aid, but I’m hoping this will be the event that pushes us further down the road to righting this listing ship.

When a group in power — in this case, a small group — intends to bend a country to its will regardless of the law and regardless of the wishes of the citizens of the country, then it must and needs to be replaced.

This is precisely the zeitgeist of the Revolutionary War era. The people were increasingly expected to pay for the whims of their leaders, without any thought (by the leaders) to the current situation of the people, or request made of the people. Pass a law, insult and threaten a people to keep that law, gain that much more perceived power over your charges.

I realize Clinton’s unsurprising exoneration is quite different from the Stamp Act. What’s not different is that now there’s a class of people in this country that are exempt from the laws and requirements that normal people face.

Further, it points out other flaws. One of Clinton’s chief talking points against presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump is his inexperience and his being unqualified to handle the position. It seems to me that if you’re reckless with classified information, you’re reckless with the lives of people under your charge, you have a history of failure in your career and, to top it all off, you trail a laundry list of scandal behind you like tin cans on a wedding vehicle, that is the ultimate definition of unqualified.

We need a little more of the type of civil disobedience like our forefathers displayed — we need to make our feelings and desires known and wipe clean the festering mistakes we’ve left in power. Make no mistake; our current government crisis is our own fault.

But we can fix it. We must fix it.

If someone as completely wrong for the position of president such as Hillary Clinton gains power, she will make the same mistakes, and get the same passes she always has; we, however, will end up paying for those ourselves.

And that’s a cost that keeps me awake at night.