County discuss roads, license plates


For the second time in two meetings in the new year, the Madison County Commissioners’ Court on Monday was taken to task over the condition of roads.

Jerry Williams, a resident in Precinct 4 of the county, addressed the commission about the status of Union Road.

Williams said that from Highway 90 to FM 1372, the conditions are bad

“What is to be expected this year for ditches for drainage?” he asked. “I’ve seen several trucks of rock had been used, but we got 1 inch of rain and we’re back to having ruts.”

Williams said there’s no drainage on the road, except in front of his house.

“A ditch was dug unbeknownst to me at the time,” he said. “Now, with all the rain we’ve been getting, the water is getting into my yard and causing some erosion. What good that ditch did I don’t know.”

Precinct 4 Commissioner David Pohorelsky made a promise to Williams that the road crew would address it this year.

In a separate matter, the county approved a change in the license plate issued for the District Attorney’s Office investigator vehicle.

Based on a request by the Madison County District Attorney’s Office, the county approved issuing regular license plates for the DA’s vehicle.

Tax Assessor/Collector Karen Lane said that DA Brian Risinger asked that a regular plate be issued instead of an exempt vehicle plate, normally issued for government vehicles, and that there be no signage on the vehicle.

Lane said the office wanted an unmarked vehicle, and that would require commission approval.

In the only other matter discussed, the county again tabled a request from Lone Star 5000 for $2,000 for advertising the annual Coon Hunt, held earlier this month.

Commissioner Ricky Driskell, chairing the meeting for the absent County Judge Tony Leago, said there was a question on how the event was advertised.

“There’s some discrepancy on how they can use the money,” he said. “They have to come up with the proof that it was all used in advertising.”