County to rebid for repairs


After receiving only one sealed bid, and finding that previously a request was worded improperly, the County Commissioners’ Court will seek new bids for repairs to county facilities due to Hurricane Harvey.

The county in October sought proposals for a general contractor to oversee repairs to county property.

Local contractor Clint Carroll had been acting as liaison with the county’s insurance carriers.

County Auditor Toni Joyner reminded commissioners that purchasing procedures needed to be followed.

On Monday, however, it was discovered that the bid was not specifically for a general contractor at risk, and instead was for separate projects.

County Judge C.E. McDaniel said the county received only one bid that was sealed, and one via email.

John Erickson with E-IV Commercial Construction and Consulting said he turned the sealed bid as only a general contractor as there were no bid documents or specifications included.

“I wrote my own to what I thought everything needed to be to be repaired,” he said. “It probably went a little further with a few things that what was expected.”

He said he understood what was needed, even though it wasn’t specified.

Carroll said he was under the impression the county only needed a manager for the projects, and submitted his bid after walking through the buildings with an insurance adjuster.

McDaniel said that since there was some confusion, the county should relet the bid and give another chance to area contractors, which commissioners approved.

According to county officials, the county has received $107,000 from its insurance company, and the county will have to put up $26,000 in deductibles.

In other business, the county:

•approved advertising for bids for fuel service for the coming calendar year;

•approved an agreement to participate in The Interlocal Purchasing System, a purchasing cooperative;

•approved a contract with Amazing Grants Inc. for management services for the $275,000 Texas Community Development Block Grant for North Zulch water line improvement;

•approved Mary Kay Thomas as the labor standards officer for work in relation to the grant;

•designated McDaniel, Joyner and Thomas as signatories for the grant;

•approved civil rights and fair housing policies in relation to the grant; and

•approved McDaniel’s execution of a report stating there will be no land acquisitions necessary in relation to the grant.