Devine resigns from NZISD


Douglas Devine celebrated his one-year anniversary as North Zulch Superintendent this past January, and although he had committed to fill the position for two years, he submitted his resignation to the school board at last week’s Thursday night meeting. Devine’s early departure was reported to be a difficult but mutual decision that was agreed upon to be in the best interest of the stability and strength of the district.

In light of the scheduled retirement of Rick Panter, the North Zulch High School Principal, at the end of 2017-18 school year, it was decided that the best course of action would be to start the search for a new superintendent now in order to maintain the security and progress Devine has shown the district during his tenure.  He will still play an active part in helping to transition the position over to the new superintendent when the time comes.

 “It has been a challenging but rewarding experience,” says Devine.  The Board of Trustees commended him for “providing leadership and stability to the district” and thanked him for “a tenure that has seen great relations with the board and community.”

Devine has stayed true to his focus of bettering the academic metrics and leadership training with staff development. Although the community reacted with mixed emotions upon receiving his resignation, residents are pleased with the progress the district has made under Devine’s leadership and look forward to its continued success.