District posts online surveys


The North Zulch school district wants to know how to better serve its students – and is asking parents to share their thoughts on how to better educate local youth.

A survey on the district’s website at www.nzisd.org, poses several questions related to safety and security, relevant and engaging lessons, student instruction, computer technology, nutritious food choices, communication and teaching good character.

Additionally the survey asks users to weigh in on how they prioritize the following:

•Planning for future needs of the district

•Increasing academic achievement

•Improving teaching methods

•Making learning more engaging and relevant for students

•Improving safety on campus

•Improving teacher quality and retention

Survey users will be asked how they classify the importance of grade point average, college readiness on admissions tests, workforce readiness, service to the community, state accountability and graduation rate. Additionally, users of the anonymous survey will be able to provide feedback on administrator performance, district leadership, school board and teachers.

An option is available for the public to comment on the district’s strengths and their opinion on the “most critical problem facing the school district.”