Diversity a traumatic stance


Once more down the rabbit hole, only this time, with our coming generation of, well, wimps.

Not all of you, though, but just the college students that attend such vaunted liberal arts colleges like Brown, or Yale, or somesuch. The consequence of their actions — and their beliefs — have come back to bite them in interesting, but unexpected ways.

Sort of having stomach pains after having the cake and eating it too.

A couple of examples:

•Students at Brown University are failing classes, and missing assignments, because of their “activism.” The claim is that this activism, which we’ll go ahead and describe as being liberal in nature, is taking such an “emotional toll” as to make them miss classes, and take antidepressants, and forget homework.

•Students at Rutgers University began a campaign of crybaby demands for an apology, and began holding group therapy sessions, after a conservative speaker — Milo Yiannopoulos of Breitbart News — appeared at the campus. Their claim is that they were scared, hurt, and discriminated against, merely by the presence of someone not like them.

There’s more, but you get the idea.

This is the latest from the everyone-gets-a-trophy, no consequences crowd that has cropped up over the last couple of generations. Children that have been raised fully expecting their every wish is a right guaranteed by some version of authority — parent, teacher, politician, higher power — are walking time bombs of fear and paranoia.

It really does take some setbacks, though, to teach fairness and perseverance. Guaranteeing the same outcome for everyone has removed that lesson, so now we can see people, who stand for diversity and multiculturalism, become enraged when that diversity leads to thoughts and deeds that don’t dovetail with their dogma.

Funny, that. They’ve demanded diversity, and got it, and now they hate it, cause it’s not the same flavor they have.

Another part of being an adult is understanding that — to paraphrase the late, great Marlin Perkins — in life, there are no guarantees. To demand that whatever power that be grease the skids for your life is hubris of the highest order, and the part where in the wild, you get eaten.

I don’t understand where this great divide between conservative and liberal viewpoints came from. Maybe it’s always been there, and I was too naïve to understand that. Even the most diametrically opposed people can find common ground, if the stakes are high enough.

I’m thinking that the future of this country, and what we leave to our children, is some pretty high stakes.