Don't wait to get kicked out of your nest


Eagles are one of the most recognized symbols of strength and majesty in the world today, and they are one of the most efficient predator’s soaring in the air. When they see a fish swimming under the water, they immediately go in to a dive and come speeding down pulling up at the last second grabbing the fish with their talents, flying off to enjoy their spoils. Eagles are also very dedicated in their relationships; they are monogamous, committing to each other for life. They raise their young in a unified effort, with both of them providing for the eaglets needs.

When an eagle is first born, it’s parents make a nice comfortable nest by lining it with firs so the sticks won’t poke them. As the young eaglets begin to grow up and the time approaches for them to learn to fly, the parents begin to remove the nice comfortable firs, and the nest becomes very uncomfortable.  The mother eagle will then get over the top of the young eaglets and flap her wings really hard in order to blow off the remaining fuzz so the eaglets feathers will expose themselves for their upcoming flight lessons.  A lot of eagles will nest on the side of high cliffs and when it is time to teach their little ones how to fly they will simply force them out of the nest and the eaglet will begin to fall to the ground as it try’s to figure out this thing called flight.  Just as the eaglet is about to hit the ground the mother eagle swoops in to save it and carries it high into the air.  The mother then drops the eaglet again, and repeats this process until the young eaglet figures it out and begins to soar in the heavens with it’s parents.

I believe God is much like this eagle mother when it comes to us.  When we place our faith in Jesus Christ he makes us a nest and it feels really comfortable.  As time goes on we become complacent, simply enjoying the comfort of Gods nest and we forget to be the Christians we are supposed to be. When this happens we stop flying like we are supposed to and we aren’t meeting our fathers expectations. God will then start removing the cushiony things in our life in order to get us out of our comfort zone.  Some people recognize this and it snaps them out of their condition, but some do not. For those of us who require a little more prodding He will begin to flap His wings over us in order to blow of all the worldly fuzz that is keeping us from flying; but even this is not enough for some people to wake up form their slumber.  It’s at this point God will kick you out of the nest and let you fall.  This step almost always comes in the form of some hardship, weather it be sickness, loss of a job, or a financial hardship, God will get your attention. 

This is flight training 101 and just like the eagle, God will catch you right before you hit the ground, and tale you back up into the air only to drop you again.  He will continue this process until you spread your wings and start flying.  A Christian begins to fly when they start to trust in God with every aspect of their life.  They fly when they tithe, they fly when the serve, they fly when they love others, they fly when they follow Gods plan for their life.

So, are you going to sit around in your comfortable nest God has made for you, or are you going to hop out and soar on wings like eagles?  I don’t recommend waiting for God to kick you out of the nest before you spread your wings, because the fall is not real fun.

God bless and have a great week in the Lord.

Wade Phillips is senior pastor at Madisonville Christian Fellowship.