Dumped dogs seek home


Thirteen of the 14 puppies carelessly dumped in a crate and left in front of a Tammye Lane residence last month remain at the Madisonville Animal Shelter and no further information regarding the perpetrator has been revealed.

“Unfortunately, we do not really have anything to go on at this point,” said Madisonville Animal Control Officer Ellie Haynes. “There were no witnesses and all we have are these puppies. What would be really helpful is if somebody knew where they came from or knew who had these dogs and would come forward and speak to us.”

The dogs were discovered by Tommy Killough in the driveway of his residence on Tammye Lane. He called Haynes and informed her of the situation on July 2.

Haynes describes the dogs as Labrador mixes. Almost all of them were completely black, but some had white markings as well. There were some concerns, but the dogs were described as healthy for the most part. Some of them were missing patches of fur and were wormy and anemic, which they were medicated for.

The incident compliments a greater problem in Madisonville as well as the county itself. Haynes is the only Animal Control Officer in the City of Madisonville and tends to the shelter herself.

“This is the reason it is so important to spay and neuter,” said Haynes. “It keeps people out of these kind of messes. Thirteen puppies are now looking for a home because somebody was not responsible enough. It is an epidemic.”

Animal Control is a branch of the Madisonville Police Department. If you have any information regarding the dumping, contact the MPD at 936-248-3317.