Election goes to second heat


After months of campaigns, Madison County voters will see another election May 22 as results of the mostly GOP primary election Tuesday forced runoffs in four of five contested local races.
In all, just under 30 percent of registered voters in the county in either part cast votes. Vote totals are unofficial until canvassed by the county.
In probably the most discussed and contested race, incumbent County Judge C.E. "Butch" McDaniel will face Midway Mayor Tony Leago. McDaniel garnered 586 votes (28.42 percent) to Leago's 452 (21.92 percent).
The other candidate totals were Douglas Holly 117, Norann McDonnell 347, David Culbreth Sr. 98, and Andre Dean 399.
Runoff elections occur when no candidate reaches 50.1 percent of the vote; then the top two candidates run again. In this case, the winner of the runoff also will most likely win the election as there are no Democratic candidates in the race.
McDaniel said he appreciated the votes he received, and he hopes he can get some more.
"I'm glad I'm in the runoff, and me and Mr. Leago will go head to head," he said. "We'll go out and campaign some more."
Leago said he's glad to get one more chance at winning the nomination.
"I'm going to reach out to the people who didn't vote for me," he said. "We need change in the county, and I'm going to reach out those people who want some progress."
In the race for County Commissioner Precinct 2, incumbent Thomas Collard was edged out by Carl Wiseman, 293 to 228, but as neither picked up the required number of votes, will be in a runoff.
The same for County Commissioner Precinct 4; incumbent Sam Cole did not run, and political newcomers George Hartsfield and David Pohorelsky will face each other. Pohorelsky picked up 276 votes to Hartsfield's 158. Other candidates in the race were Lynn Standley, who received 132 votes, and Robbie Andrus Holder, who received 50.
For Justice of the Peace Precinct 2, six candidates threw their hat into the ring, but only Mitch Dill, with 245 votes, and Steven Cole, with 310 votes, will proceed to the next phase. Other candidates in this race were Stan Rodgers with 34 votes, Lynn Jeffries with 124 votes, Richard Gilbreath with 131 votes, and Kelly Navarro with 124 votes.
The only nomination secured on Tuesday was for Justice of the Peace Precinct 1, in which incumbent Jon Stevens beat Karla Plotts Clark 616 to 386.