Employee honored after 44 years


The Madisonville Care Center celebrated the retirement of Sue Batson after 44 years last Tuesday.

Batson worked as activities director for a time as well as activities assistant and became very well known to all who spent time there.

“I always just wanted to keep going," said Batson during the party thrown in her honor. “The longer you work, the better off you are. Now, I’m really looking forward to doing what I want to do during retirement.”

Batson always enjoyed the Center’s activities along with the residents who she worked with. Batson enjoyed playing bingo, table bowling, throwing washers, horseshoes, balloon toss as well as parties.

“Sue was very dedicated,” said the Center’s current activities director Debbie Hoskins. “She was always on time for work and hardly ever called in. If I needed her to come in and do something extra, it was almost always an immediate yes.”

Congratulations to Batson on her 44 years.