Father, son win seats on NZISD board


A North Zulch father and son were elected to the district’s school board last week, ousting incumbents.

Michael Crocker won Position 6 with 248 votes (37 percent), narrowly beating out incumbent Georgia Stark, who had 238 votes. A third candidate, Greg Landry earned 167 votes or 26 percent.

Crocker’s father Mike Crocker took Position 7 with 54 percent of the vote (351 votes), while incumbent Beth Wilson had 304 votes, representing 46 percent.

Elections Administrator Earl Parker said the North Zulch ISD school board makes the decision of whether to hold a runoff in the event of a close call with three candidates such as the Position 6 race. It’s board policy, according to Superintendent Doug Devine, that the winner is declared by a majority vote and no runoff is required.

The newly-elected board members will be sworn in at the December meeting, following a canvass of votes this week.

North Zulch school board president Charles Drake Jr. was not opposed in last week’s election and therefore will keep his Position 2 seat.

Mike Crocker previously served on the NZISD board for 20 years and was given a lifetime pass to local athletic events when he retired from the board in 2012.

“I was in bad health, but I survived it and recuperated,” he said in a phone interview Friday while traveling to a North Zulch basketball game. “I had some things that were on my mind and decided to put my name in and let the chips fall where they may.”

The 1972 North Zulch graduate said he’s been in the community his entire life.

“The school is North Zulch,” Crocker said. “I’ve been involved in the school, playing ball or coaching Little Dribblers. Without the school, there wouldn't be much to the town.”

Mike Crocker’s three children all graduated from North Zulch, including son Michael, who also will be sworn in to the NZISD school board next month.

“He got defeated by two votes the last time he ran,” Mike Crocker said of his son. “He’s levelheaded and has been involved in the community. He’s got kids at the school.”

The son – Michael Crocker – said he sought the position in order to be involved in the local community and added that he thinks he can bring energy to the board. His four children range from first grade to high school senior, so he’s got one at each campus.

“I want to get our test scores up,” said Michael Crocker, who works for Henson Family Dealerships. “Technology is so different now. I have no agenda; I just want to see how it works. I want the best for the school and the community.”

The father – Mike Crocker – has worked for Ogden Resources for 34 years as an “employee, stockholder and member of the board.” When asked what he can contribute to the school board, he answers promptly: “Old age and experience.”

“There are some things I’ve experienced over all this time that other board members might not have,” he said. “This country has gotten to where things are a little messed up and I’d like to see some change. It takes the whole board to decide what direction you need to go in. The major thing is making sure the kids get a good education.”