God’s Army mobilizes in crisis


As I’m writing this my heart is heavy. There are so many people who have lost everything and are in the position of not knowing what comes next. I’ve tried to put myself in their shoes, but until you have walked into your house where everything you’ve worked for is ruined, you can’t even come close to understanding their pain.

As I watched the recent images of babies being carried in plastic totes and of older men and women struggling to walk through the rising waters, I felt helpless. I wanted to be able to pluck them from those flood waters and wrap them in my arms. I wanted to be able to grab them and tell them that I loved them and that it would be OK. I wanted to be able to make sure they had a warm place to sleep, a hot meal to eat, and fresh clothes to wear. I experienced a flood of emotion and found myself struggling in my mind trying to grasp the situation.

But then, I saw it. It was on Facebook, The Weather Channel, CBS, FOX, NBC, and other news outlets. Everyday, average people lining up with their boats to go to the rescue of those people; churches collecting clothing, food, and hygiene items to be handed out in the affected areas, State guard, National Guard, Coast Guard, Police, Fire and EMS springing into action to pluck them from the troubled waters and to provide security over their empty homes and businesses.

The hands and feet of Jesus had showed up in a big way. Reporters were all talking about how churches were meeting needs. They were talking about how people had just shown up with their boats from all over Texas, Louisiana and other states to help in the rescue efforts. It was the army of God mobilizing and it was, and still is, a beautiful sight.

Jesus told us the two most important things we could do were to “love God, and love our neighbor as yourself.”

Let’s not allow this fire to go out. Let’s see this through in the weeks and months to come. This will not be over in days or even months; it will be years before we see a complete recovery. Let’s keep this God army moving. Let’s show the world what Jesus would do if He were here in the flesh.

Oh, God’s church, let your voice be heard. Let it be heard when you help that family in Houston who doesn’t have anything. Let it be heard when you provide that warm and safe place to sleep. Let it be heard when you go out of your way to be kind to a stranger. Let it be heard when you wipe away the tears from a child’s eyes. Most of all, let it be heard as you spread the good news of Jesus Christ with this broken world.

Remember, people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

I look forward to the opportunity to join forces with “The Church” as we bring a voice of peace and love into a sea of hate. So be that voice that unites and doesn’t divide. Be that voice that heals and does not tear apart.

God is watching, and He is looking to see if His Church, will be the “Church” He has called us to be.

God Bless and have a great week in the Lord.

Wade Phillips is pastor or Madisonville Christian Fellowship.