Gun show attendance down


Just under 600 people took advantage of their Second Amendment rights to participate in the annual Lions Club Gun Show this weekend.

Organizer Bunkin Bennett said there were 68 tables with 24 vendors, which was a full house.

He said 428 attended on Saturday, and an additional 156 people came through on Sunday.

“We had 655 last year, so it was down a little,” he said.

In visiting with the vendors, Bennett said, the prevailing belief was that since the change in administration, people don’t feel like there will be a shortage of guns, and less people are coming out to gun shows.

“Attendance is down (at shows) all over Texas,” he said. “I guess people feel that since there’s not a push for stricter gun control, people are just not coming out.”

However, people did attend from about five states, including Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Florida and Louisiana.

The club sold $1,400 in raffle tickets for the rifle, and in all, about $3,000 to $4,000 will be raised for eyeglasses, eye examinations and scholarships, Bennett said.

“I want to thank the city for giving us money for advertising and use of the Kimbro, and the county for advertising,” he said. “I thank John Hardy for putting out and taking up signs; and thanks to the Lions Club. It took the effort of a lot of people to bring this together.”