Lady Bulldogs battle weather


The North Zulch Lady Bulldogs softball season began last week with three losses at the Onalaska Round Robin tournament, which wasn’t originally on the schedule.

This was a late start to the season for the Bulldogs since they had to cancel the first two scheduled games and a home tournament due to the bad weather. The weather has also made practice difficultly over the last couple of weeks and the Bulldogs struggled throughout the opening tournament. They joined the field late in an effort to get some game experience in during the first week of the season.

Originally, the Bulldogs had planned to host Faith Academy and Anderson-Shiro before the would-be tournament in North Zulch at the end of last week. Instead, their home opener came last night against Iola.

With all of the rain, the Lady Bulldogs have had little time on their field. Interim coach Kali Bohannon wanted to use the Onalaska tournament as an opportunity to learn more about her team, saying, “due to the fact that we don’t have access to our facilities, we used that time to try out players at some different spots on the field.”

The North Zulch softball team is scheduled to compete in a tournament at Franklin over the weekend and will return home to host Snook on March 12. However, like most baseball and softball teams this time of the year, their schedule can be tentative.