Lake View Baptist hosts musical


Jarrod Bryd, member of the Lake View Baptist Brotherhood reflected on the meaning behind the 15th Annual Black History Month Musical, which took place at Lake View Church on Saturday.

“The musical was created to give local churches the chance to appreciate the history, specifically African-American history through song and dance,” said Byrd. “It started with just [Lake View] but over the course of 15 years it has expanded and grown into churches traveling from as far as Huntsville and Bryan to participate in the program.”

Community members packed Lake View Baptist Church to watch performances from local musicians, choirs and dancers, as well as enjoy refreshments following the musical.

Performances from Pool Chapel Baptist Church, Sweet Zion Baptist Church choir, Divine Harmony, Joey “Polar Bear” J, and host church Lake View Baptist opened up the first half of the program.

“Music is meant to take you on a journey,” said Byrd. “Each choir took us on a journey through black history, from hurt to a sense of freedom. A lot of the songs that were sung were songs that our ancestors used to keep the faith during the toughest of times.”

Angel of Praise, St. Paul Methodist Church choir, Zion Jubilees, The Willing Workers and Texas Gospel Music Excellence award winners Wanda Deveraux and Grace rounded out the acts for the second portion of the service.

“I got out more than what I expected this year,” added Byrd. “After Zion Jubilees performed we almost had to put the roof back on the church, they were just that good.”

Though the program was free of charge to attend Lake View members and members of the Lake View Brotherhood were asked to contribute if possible to the building fund.

“Churches like ours have to depend on one another. We don’t have all the resources that bigger churches might have. In order to have what we have, we have to fundraise through events like these; we do it all under the umbrella of our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

Lake View will continue celebrating Black History Month hosting Heritage Day on Sunday, Feb. 26 following church service.

“We are doing something every week to pay tribute to Black History. It’s not just a day, or a month, it’s our life.”