Letters to the editor


To the editor:

It's a small world and there are still a lot of very nice people in it.

My daughter and I just returned from a trip to Colorado. On the way up there we had a blowout on our RV while crossing northern New Mexico. A young couple from Billings, Mont., stopped and the young man changed our tire.

Noticing we were from Texas, he told us he had just spent two weeks visiting his sister in Madisonville.

He was surprised when we told him we lived only 13 miles from there in North Zulch. We didn't get his name, but he said his sister lived between Madisonville and Midway. 

We just wanted to let her know what a wonderful brother she has. 


North Zulch

To the editor:

I have a question for the county and city officials regarding repaving certain streets in the city. Why did the county not resurface their portion of Raney Lane during the summer when school was out? Instead, they waited all summer with folks having to drive over deep potholes, especially close to Highway 75. 

Now, after school resumes, they do a few asphalt repairs on the holes which will, most likely, not last very long due to the heavy school-related traffic both morning and evening on the street. 

This situation prompts the question, “What are our tax dollars being spent on?” Resurfacing this congested street should be the first priority due to safety concerns by the teachers, parents and students who travel it twice a day.

I commend the city for resurfacing part of East Morris Street, which is also a busy street.  However, I wonder why they stopped at the intersection of Raney Lane and did not continue with repairs all the way to East Ridge Street? After all, they had the whole summer to complete it. When the new City Manager began her tenure with the city, I recall her assuring the public that street repairs in the city would be her first priority. I wonder what happened to that commitment?