Local schools receive updates for new academic year


Madisonville CISD is set to begin another school year next week and the schools will show off some new changes for the student body.

Every school is now equipped with secure entrances. Each potential visitor will have to push a button and then can be seen on a screen inside of the school before they are allowed to come into the building.

“There will be an intercom for the guests to speak as well,” said Superintendent Keith Smith. “This is to ensure that everyone we allow inside the building is here to help our kids and better their education.”

The high school and elementary schools will also receive new classrooms this semester. The high school added 10 classrooms for vocational purposes and even feature a college-like lecture hall.

“The facility kind of mimics what it’s going to be like in a college atmosphere,” said Smith. “We’re trying to create an environment that’ll make the kids used to what they see when it’s time to transition to college.”

MCISD was distinguished for having students college- and career-ready. Only about 5 percent of the districts in the state receive this distinction and Smith stressed that that’s what being an educator is ultimately about.

The elementary school is now complete and cannot be added to according to the Superintendent. With any more additions or students added to the mix, it will be too big to operate and they will need to begin thinking about a second elementary campus.

The high school also went under a lot of remodeling throughout the summer. Three out of the four additions already attached to the school were updated, the latest of which needed no renovation done.

The Jr. High School also updated their facilities with a brand new band room. The old band room was turned into a theatre/arts inquire room.

North Zulch

North Zulch ISD has implemented changes to staff and policy this past summer.

Three new coaches were hired — Coach Kimberly Branch was brought into be the girl’s athletic coordinator and volleyball coach; Coach Jim O’Neil will be the boy’s athletic coordinator; and Coach Victoria Rivera will take over the softball program this year.

This year there will be no athletic director, because the duties of the director have been divided between coordinators.

Also, the North Zulch natives Alan and Lea Ann Andrus comes to the district to fill the superintendent position and new academic interventionist, respectively.

Faculty and students worked together this summer to update the school’s dress code. Some changes include that students will now be allowed to have neat and groomed facial hair, and girls may now have nose piercings at school.

NZISD implemented a Discipline Management Plan, and have released a complete list of infractions with corresponding punishments.

“The new discipline model will create consistency in punishment, and prevent unfair treatment of students,” Alan Andrus said.