Local wins big at calf scramble


Madison County 4-H member Dylan Stobaugh caught calves during the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo on Feb. 2 and the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo on Feb. 17 to earn rewards and a chance to showcase next year.

“I caught in Houston last year and that was a great experience,” said Stobaugh. “I was really hoping to do the same in Fort Worth and San Antonio. It was really exciting to catch and have the opportunity to raise a good calf to bring back to the show.”

In Fort Worth’s Calf Scramble, 16 Texas 4-H and FFA members had the opportunity to catch calves in the event. The Fort Worth Stock Show’s Calf Scramble scholarship awards ranged from $500 to $12,500 to participants who demonstrate dedication and hard work through monthly reports and a final essay submitted to their sponsors and the Calf Scramble committee.

Stobaugh was also one of many 4-H and FFA members to catch a calf in San Antonio. With each accomplishment, he was given a certificate which will allow him to purchase a breeding animal to show at next year’s show. Until then, the work will focus on animal selection, animal care and nutrition among others.

He plans to use his Fort Worth certificate to buy a registered beef or dairy heifer and a Shorthorn heifer with his San Antonio certificate. Stobaugh thoroughly enjoyed the scramble experience and has future aspirations to attend Texas A&M University.

“My family has been very supportive through all of this,” said Stobaugh. “My parents and grandparents have cheered me on at all the scrambles.”

The 2018 Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo took place from Jan. 12 through Feb. 3 while the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo took place from Feb. 8 through Feb. 25.