Looking forward to new things


I must admit, I’m looking forward to the coming year with some anticipation.

Full disclosure, too: I’m a big ol’ action-movie loving, big badaboom spectacle-watching nerd. I’ll buy new TVs to get the best resolution, and new gaming consoles to watch the best Blu-Ray movies that come out, and try to hit the theaters for the blockbusters (and now that I found that theaters come with Starbucks and/or beer, wow).

On the movie front, I’m looking forward to continuing absorbing everything the Marvel Cinematic Universe is putting out.

When I was a kid, I always admired Marvel comics more than DC, since the protagonists in Marvel were flawed — like me. There are a plethora of physical and mental maladies suffered by the heroes, everything a growing boy was going through.

To see them on the screen has been full-on nostalgia. So when Captain America: Civil War hits the screen, I want to be there for every punch. Also, l’m looking forward to X-Men: Apocalypse; Deadpool; and Star Trek: Beyond.

I’ll still go with the DC universe, since Batman vs. Superman is scheduled for release this year, too. Then Suicide Squad, Independence Day Resurgence, Gambit and Doctor Strange will be quite the sampler plate for visuals.

Legends of Tomorrow will be debuting soon, and will complement Arrow, The Flash and Agents of Shield on the tube. (I do balance the superhero stuff with things like Persons of Interest and Sherlock, just to be well-rounded).

With books, I’ll settle for anything by Stephen King, Bernard Corwell, Jim Butcher, and with great hope, David Gerrold, but I always keep an eye out for my favorite author, Harlan Ellison, whose prose and treatises on writing have been an inspiration to me.

As an aside, I found that as I got older, my favorite pastime of reading became a chore, and eventually was something I stopped doing, simply because my vision was getting worse. Since I couldn’t pick and choose what font and size a book was printed in, it was hit-and-miss I would find one I could stick with.

When the iPad came out, it was magic. It gave me back my passion, while at the same time indulged another hobby, which is buying and building new computer technology.

I still have a first generation iPad, which is the perfect size and shape for me to indulge my reading passion.

Lastly, I’ve learned to cook dishes traditional to my country of heritage — Hungary — and I plan to continue honing my skills on new and exotic dishes.

I’m pretty sure my family will appreciate that last bit of news, too.