Looking forward to reaching goals


In my book, 2018 is going down as the year of the tantrum.

If ever there was a year with so much unnecessary (and largely unsubstantiated) hatred aimed at just about every segment of society, I can’t seem to recall it.

Honestly, I’m bone-tired. Every time I opened a news page, or social media, or watched an even on TV, or the news, there was one group of yahoos calling another group of yahoos some sort of name.

We’ve apparently in this country been inundated with Nazis, bigots, racists of every stripe, homophobes, sexual predators and all kinds of mean nasty ugly things (h/t Arlo Guthrie).

Mind you, nobody offers any solutions or compromises, or even words vaguely in the realm of understanding. If you’re against me, you’re evil and must be destroyed; and even if you’re with me, it better be exactly like me or you’re evil and must be destroyed.

I hope that this next year is different, but I’m betting not.

My New Year’s resolution for this year will be to try to set a better example in dealing with disagreement and conflict.

I hope to be the guy that people hold up as someone to emulate, especially in discourse regarding politics or religion. Certainly on social media, but not so much in these columns, because someone still needs to keep government at all levels on their toes.

I plan on weening myself from the cesspool that Twitter and Facebook has become. I can no longer be silent to foolish comments, and that means I’ll be trolling and dropping my own hate, which is not conducive to proper discourse.

If the remark is sufficiently heinous, or uninformed, and I happen across it, I’ll still comment, because you can’t change actions — or fix what’s broke — unless someone says something.

But those comments will come with information, with me showing my work, so that maybe there might be a small change. As everyone knows, hurricanes can start with the movement of a butterfly’s wings.

But fair warning to the elected officials, including the president, who start spouting their particular brand of hate and half-truths, I’m still gunning for you. Because you’ve lost your way, and seem to think you and your fellow congresscritters are the only ones to right the ship. You have lost your way, and your belief that we must look to you for salvation and leadership is mistaken. You must be reminded that you represent us, not master us, and you must get back to the business of this country.

We no longer need to pander to other countries, or peoples, or religions. We need to care for our own, first, before we become the world’s nanny.

So, be ready for the truth, cause it’s coming.

Tony Farkas is publisher of the Madisonville Meteor.