Madisonville CISD exceeds accountability standards


Madisonville schools improved in most tracked education categories based on accountability ratings, the MCISD school board found out on Monday.

The school received their basic accountability statistics this week, and Assistant Superintendent Dr. Keith West laid out some of the basic distinctions for the board.

The board did not meet in July, making it their first time together since June.

“One of the challenges while discussing accountability is trying to put something this large and complex in a succinct form,” said Dr. West. “We’ve had our test results for a while now, but we can see the distinctions.”

The indices for accountability show that Madisonville finished above the average for every category. While they were above the expected average, they did post fewer points than the year before in a couple of categories.

The indices included information on student pass rate, student progress, success of disadvantaged student and post-secondary readiness.

Madisonville CISD dropped from last year in student progress and readiness, and remained flat in disadvantaged student success, all at the junior high level. For the remaining grades, all improved by at least two points over the last year.

“Taking that into consideration, we were very pleased with how it worked out,” said Dr. West. “We were originally uncertain how that was going to affect the overall calculations but it turned out very well.”

West claims that they’re not quite where they would like to be but are showing a lot of progress compared to similar schools. The comparisons are most easily made at the high school level. Many of the other categories with similar numbers are found in urban and suburban areas unlike Madisonville. Once all the information of other schools becomes public, they will compare the numbers with the schools they believe are similar. That information should be available within the next few days.

Much of the board voiced confusion over how the whole accountability process has been calculated in the past. Despite their successful numbers, they say the process is often difficult to understand and to know if you’re abiding by their expectations. One board member described it as “trying to build a plane while you’re in the air.”

“No matter what the accountability requirements, we’re going to continue to better ourselves and the education of our students,” said Superintendent Keith Smith. “We want to make sure that all of our students are built for life.”

In other business, the board:

•approved the 2017-18 student code of conduct (remains the same from last year);

•approved DAEP resolution agreements;

•approved contract renewal suggestion with Linebarger Goggan Blair and Sampson LLP as attorney for administrative and judicial appeal services through the 2018-19 school year;

•approved 2017-18 salary schedules;

•approved 2017-18 appraisal calendar and appraisers; and

•set the date for public meeting to discuss budget and proposed tax rate for the 2017-18 budget (Aug. 28 at 5:30 p.m.).