Madisonville, North Zulch school districts open


Students, parents and teachers geared up for the start of school with “Meet the Teacher Night” on August 18. Madisonville schools held theirs from 1 to 4 p.m. while North Zulch held theirs from 5 to 7 p.m.

“We will provide the best quality education for our students,” Madisonville superintendent Keith Smith said. “We want to have a good start and a strong finish, and our students will be getting back into good habits and managing their time. Our teachers will give students a clean slate and fresh start this school year.”

Among Smith’s top district-wide goals are to focus on the new state STARR/EOC test.

“We want to transition our students into the STARR/EOC tests,” Smith said.

Smith also believes technology plays an important role in education.

“If our children in our schools are going to be able to compete with other students in other states and countries, we will have to master technology like any other subject,” Smith said.

One new factor in Madisonville schools this year will be Madisonville High School’s new principal, Shaye Murphy.

“What excites me most about stepping into this role is the great schools and campus that we have,” Muphy said. “We have one of the best 3A schools in the state.”

Murphy’s goals this year include strong discipline and making sure students are involved in school activities.

“To make sure our students have a smooth transition this year, we will educate them on every change and be visible at all times to make sure they know where they are going and doing,” Murphy said.

North Zulch has had many changes this year and the teachers are looking forward to a new and fresh start. Spanish teacher Peggy Vandusselldorp says what excites her about this coming school year is the new students and new challenges.

“My goals this year are to teach our students how to speak Spanish,” Vandusselldorp said. Vandusselldorp says the greatest challenges of being a classroom teacher today are dealing with the different grade levels, ages, and learning styles.

“I have found that hands on, active participation, and making it apply to real life are the most effective methods of instruction today,” Vandusselldorp said.

Social Studies teacher Susan Miller is excited also about the new school year.

“I love teaching,” Miller said. “My goals are to get 100 percent of the juniors to pass their TAKS the last two years they will have it.”

Miller is also excited about the art history class she will be teaching.

“I have new projects for my art history class this year,” Miller said.