Madisonville shines in Indy


Madisonville CISD sent their marketing and FFA student teams to nationals in Indianapolis on Oct. 24 where they both finished as runners-up.

This was the culmination of the 2016-17 school year, so some of the members competed despite already graduating last May.

“It’s extremely rewarding to see all of the hard work come together at a competition like this,” said the coach of the marketing and agricultural issues teams Lynita Foster. “It’s also extremely nerve-racking. Every team you can see is a champion and there’s possible elimination at every turn.”

The competition spanned three rounds starting with preliminaries. If you hoped to advance to the semi-finals, you would have to finish in the top of your room. The top 16 marketing teams advanced to the second round and the top 8 did so for FFA.

“It’s quite a remarkable achievement for both of these teams,” said Foster. “After I did the math, I calculated that less than half a percent of the FFA hopefuls in the country advance to nationals. Just being there is quite a feet, but for both teams to perform so well says a lot about these students.”

Members of the marketing team included Aly Ghormley, Cameron Fredrick and Joey McIver. Representing agricultural issues were Bethany Bullard, Morgan Manning, Matt Longoria, Mia Caperton, Averie Simms and Randy Shipper. Frederick, Longoria, Bullard and Shipper were all college students at the time of the competition.

“This is a big commitment for anyone,” said Foster. “It’s not easy to prepare for something as competitive as this while still trying to take care of your responsibilities at school.”

The teams are currently in the process of building their cases in the 2017-18 school year. The agricultural issues team will begin their journey back to state with a district competition this Thursday.

Foster has been an educator for 21 years and is an agricultural science teacher at Madisonville. She has been working with the FFA team for just about all of that time and the marketing team for over a decade.