Make the right call, Jerry


Dak or Romo? Romo or Dak?  That is the question. I know whom I would play going forward but before I get into my spill let me give you a little Romo “backstory” (get it, backstory? Never mind.) Tony Romo injuries have become a familiar process for the Dallas Cowboys. The veteran quarterback gets hurt, tries to go back in the game despite being far too injured to do so, sits for a month or so, and then Jerry Jones takes to the airwaves to reassure the world that Romo will eventually return (ready or not) and be their starting quarterback for the long term. But now there’s a possibility, albeit a slight one, that the routine could change. There’s a future version of the Cowboys where Romo is not the starter. Crazy, I know. Could Jerry Jones actually move on from Romo?

Well, according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network the Cowboys are willing to stick with Dak Prescott, if he’s playing well, when Romo returns (insert eye roll here). While I, personally like Dak and I believe he is the future of the Cowboys I don’t see Jerry Jones letting go of his pipe dream that Romo will somehow, someway, win them a Super Bowl. Part of the reason there’s never been this much serious chatter about replacing Romo, despite Romo’s injury history, is that the Cowboys have always leaned on backups like Kellen Moore, Matt Cassel or Kyle Orton. Plus, the Cowboys never actually addressed the need for a young backup with a high ceiling. Until now.Dak Prescott’s performance thus far this season has given Dallas a rare injection of hope. That’s usually reserved for whatever needle Dr. Jerry insists they use to numb Romo’s back long enough to push through the season. But it’s time for Jerry Jones to let go, adjust his backbone (assuming he has one) take the Romo blinders off, put on his big boy pants and make the right decision; keep Dak as the starting quarterback.

Megan Huston is the sports editor of The Meteor. She can be reached at (936) 348-3505 or