Marine seeks Brady seat


A former Marine is among three challengers attempting to unseat U.S. Rep. Kevin Brady in the March 1 election.

Republican Craig McMichael is facing Brady along with Andre Dean and Steve Toth in the primary election. No Democratic candidates filed.

McMichael, 38, is emphasizing Second Amendment rights, border security and the repeal of Obamacare in his campaign.

“The people of District 8 deserve someone who wants more,” he said.

McMichael has extensively studied the U.S. Constitution and Federalist Papers.

“The government’s sole purpose is to protect those rights,” he said.

According to McMichael’s website, “the federal government possesses no right to interfere with Texans and their guns. The founders feared a centralized authority over the states like today’s federal government. The second amendment was written to preserve the right of the people and the states to protect themselves against that centralized government.”

Additionally, the candidate supports enforcing, rather than reforming current immigration laws.

“Americans do not need more immigration reform; we need politician reform,” he said.

McMichael said he’s had a positive response to his campaign thus far, primarily from those who want Brady out of office.

“When I started in January 2013, people said it was impossible,” he said. “Everyone thought he was unbeatable. But I got 20,000 votes [in the 2014 primary].”

McMichael has been criticized for calling Brady a liar and making strong statements such as, “If you vote for Kevin Brady … it tells me you do not love this country.”

But the candidate stands by his words.

“I think any of the three of us would be better than Kevin Brady,” he said, referencing himself, Toth and Dean. “Brady voted against our constitution and has to go. I will keep running until he gets voted out.”

McMichael said he would fight to repeal Obamacare and “fully open the insurance markets to all.”

“It is imperative that Americans continue to look for alternatives, and find uses for the new healthcare economy created by the implementation of Obamacare,” his website states.

The candidate added that the Veterans Administration is “an absolute disaster.”

“To me, the VA is proof of why the Affordable Care Act has failed,” he said. “It’s not my duty to give you something but to protect your freedom. What I offer the people is a chance of liberty. The only way we’re going to reclaim our freedom is if people wake up and realize we have the power. It’s our duty to protect those rights.”