McDonald's closing ahead of remodel


The Madisonville McDonald’s will close its doors to customers on March 31st at 9pm to begin demolition and remodel of its entire facility.

Owner Steve McKinney has been stalling this rebuild for a couple of years, understanding that McDonalds it is a mainstay to a lot of families and travelers in Madisonville.  But he feels that now is the time to upgrade and redesign the restaurant to better suit the needs and be able to offer the amenities that a growing customer base requires.

“My goal here is to make this the best McDonald’s experience around,” says McKinney.

The new building will provide table service for close to 100 customers and in lieu of an outdated playground, will have an outdoor patio for those guests seeking a bit of fresh air. 

The new state of the art tables will feature lights and games that will engage your whole family while waiting on your meal.

The upgraded drive thru will feature double lanes with three service windows to decrease your wait time.  Bus and truck parking has also been a consideration for the remodel with new, larger spaces for parking and an aim at making traffic flow easier to maneuver in and out of the restaurant.

While construction is underway at this location, several managers will be kept on the payroll.  However, other staff members will be without jobs until the grand re-opening, set for a target date in mid July.

McKinney has been working hard to find equitable employment for current employees that prefer to continue working, stating, “I have been working the last month to make sure that those who want another job while we are down can have one.  I’ve spoken with businesses in Madisonville, Huntsville, and Centerville and should have most of them covered.”

Many Madisonville residents have been waiting for McDonald’s to upgrade and renovate.  They look forward to a new, cleaner restaurant to make a great first impression of Madisonville for travelers, as well as an upgraded “go to” eatery for the local residents.