MCISD considers innovation status


The Madisonville CISD school board approved a resolution to investigate becoming a district of innovation, which could exempt them from certain Texas Education Agency stipulations and allow them to operate independently in certain areas.

One of the main things mentioned when considering the plan’s advantages was the hiring of new teachers. The board pointed out that it is very difficult to hire qualified educators in certain special fields. This could allow them to bring in industry experts to help in those fields. It would also allow them to be more flexible on scheduling, which is why many districts across the state have already opted to become districts of innovation.

The board approved the resolution to investigate the possible maneuver and will discuss the matter further at the next board meeting.

MCISD Principals were also in attendance to discuss their campus improvement plans. Madisonville High School Principal Heath Brown discussed College, Career and Military Readiness, which is the main standard high school districts will be judged on for their accountability ratings along with standardized testing.

Students who participate in college prep courses, higher ACT/SAT scores and those who participate in dual credit classes with a certain number of hours will meet the standards. Brown stressed the importance of making sure students who do not fall into any of those categories are not left behind.

They have also added a number of industry based certification classes in order to allow students to meet the CCMR requirements. Brown also mentioned that they would like to expose the students to the possibility of the armed force if it is something they are interested in.

“I believe a lot of our students could benefit from that,” said Brown. “Not only is that one way to meet their CCMR, but it is a way to help them pay for college as well.”

All of the district reports stressed a need for improvement at the reading level. However, the campuses have made great strides in a number of areas including math, science and writing. The Intermediate campus has made sizable jumps in many of these areas.

“All of our districts have improved tremendously,” said Superintendent Keith Smith. “A lot of our young teachers are also picking things up faster, and that is a credit to these principals.”

Before the meeting began, members of the MHS Agricultural Issues team presented a practice debate concerning fever ticks on cattle and the proper way to take care of them. The students posed as advocates for each side and initiated a lively debate.

In other business, the board:

Approved minutes of the September 10, 2018 regular meeting of the board

Approved 2018-19 district and campus improvements plans

Approved annual review of board investment policy