MCISD holds board meeting


Madisonville CISD held their school board meeting for the month of February on Monday night. Students of the month Braxtyn Bustamante, Jocelyn Puerta, Thomas Dean and Kaylee Reynolds were honored along with Employees of the month Shelly Fleck and Mandy Wakefield.

On the business agenda was a proposition to adopt a resolution in support of the District increasing recruitment efforts of minority teachers at historically black and hispanic universities.

Members of the Madison County NAACP chapter were in attendance to present the resolution.

"Many studies have shown a statistical raise in grades among minority students when they are taught by someone of their own race," Sandra McGilbra read to the board from the Resolution. "Therefore, the Madison County NAACP encourages Madisonville CISD to continually recruit a diverse teaching staff."

The resolution was for increased recruitment as the District has already recruited at these schools as well as just about every University in the state of Texas.

"We strive to ensure that our teaching staff reflects our student body," said Madisonville CISD Superintendent Keith Smith. "Thank you for bringing this up and giving us an opportunity to accept this Resolution."

The board also announced that their next meeting will not take place during the second Monday of the month as usual. Because of Spring Break and the County Fair, the next school board meeting will be on March 5.

In other business, the board:

oapproved a resolution in support of the Madisonville CISD increasing recruitment efforts of minority teachers at black and Hispanic universities;

oapproved a TEA waiver for weather-related low attendance on Jan. 17; and

oapproved the 2018-19 school calendar.