Media badly misses the mark on coverage


Here’s a small representation of the headlines that were on different “new” sites on the Internet last week:

Book pushes to spread benefits of pot legalization nationwide

Lawrence: Trump is losing his presidency

Cillizza: Trump just keeps lying

Trump falsely claims Boy Scouts called to praise his speech

Video: Pelosi holds aide’s hand while navigating sidewalk

Scaramucci had grand plans, then was fired

Mostly, all we’re hearing about, reading about, being inundated with is the Trump administration and the waves created by the pebbles that he’s tossing in the Great D.C. Swamp.

Mind you, these are not internet crazy sites. These are,,, the Drudge Report, etc. (I read a cross-section of sites to try to find out what’s going on. It’s a chore.)

A couple of things keep occurring to me while I peruse these things. One is that  with all the noise about President Trump and the endless search for scandal, there’s really very little news being reported. What is being put out there is essentially a schoolyard hissy fit.

The second is that the national news media has tried to set itself up as the arbiter of what’s right.

It seems for all the vaunted promises of fair and impartial coverage, all we’re allowed to know is what is thought wrong with the Trump administration. Some networks are even linking supposed emails from people who might have known one of Trump’s kids or friends or what have you to mean that yes, Trump is the Antichrist.

The newcasts morning, noon and night are non-stop with this kind of blathering. So, I have some questions.

Did you know that there’s a floating mass of plastic garbage larger than the state of Texas in the Pacific Ocean?

Did you know there were seven earthquakes in Oklahoma in the last week?

I could go on, but you get the idea.

At the Meteor, we’re glad we stick with stories about Madison County. That where real truth resides. But nationally, you’ll get short shrift. If I had any advice, I’d say go to as many sources as you can to get news, and make your own minds up about things.

As far as Congress goes, a really good point about this is how much money are we the people spending for the circus? Shouldn’t our money be spent on better things?

You are the best person, and we are the best people, to decide what is important to us. The media is following their own agenda; more and more, we’re finding out that it doesn’t sync with ours.